VR for healthcare

The use of Extended Reality (XR) technology, including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) in the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly prevalent and for good reason. XR technology has the potential to revolutionize the way medical and healthcare companies operate, providing numerous benefits that can help to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Advantages for medical and healthcare companies that use XR in their operations include:

  • Improving patient outcomes and satisfaction by immersing patients in a computer-generated world, providing them with an engaging and interactive experience, which can help with chronic pain management, psychological therapy, and physical therapy. Studies have shown that VR can reduce the need for pain medication by up to 50% (Source: "Virtual reality for pain management: A meta-analysis" - Journal of Pain) and can significantly reduce the duration of physical therapy sessions by as much as 30% (Source: "The use of virtual reality in physical rehabilitation: A systematic review" - Disability and Rehabilitation).
  • Enhancing medical education and training by providing healthcare professionals with real-time information and data, which can increase efficiency in surgical planning and training, patient education, and remote consultations.
  • Reducing costs associated with healthcare by reducing the need for pain medication and the duration of physical therapy sessions.
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing costs by utilizing XR technology for diagnostic support, surgical planning and training, and patient education.
  • Boosting sales and improving relationships with hospitals, doctors, and patients by using XR technology in the pharmaceutical industry to develop new products and provide essential drug information.

VR in healthcare

Our company offers cutting-edge XR solutions tailored to your specific needs, from VR-powered therapy and training to remote consultations and patient education. The global XR market in medicine and pharma is projected to grow by $4.64 billion

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