Revolutionizing Pharma Manufacturing and Supply Chain with XdooR's XR Solutions: A Case Study

Pharma Company AB*, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, faced challenges in managing its production line and optimizing its supply chain. XdooR partnered with Pharma Company AB to implement XR solutions, resulting in significant improvements in efficiency, cost savings, and overall productivity.


Pharma Company AB's Challenges:

  1. Inefficient production line management
  2. Difficulty in monitoring and analyzing supply chain data
  3. Limited visibility into real-time operations
  4. High costs associated with employee training and equipment maintenance

XdooR's XR Solutions:

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) training modules for production line employees (DONE)
  2. Augmented Reality (AR) enabled smart glasses for real-time data visualization (under implementation)
  3. Mixed Reality (MR) simulations for equipment maintenance and troubleshooting (under implementation)
  4. Remote collaboration tools for supply chain optimization (in the study phase)


VR Training Modules, Summary:

  • XdooR developed customized VR training modules for Pharma Company AB's production line employees
  • Trainees experienced immersive simulations, enhancing their understanding of the manufacturing process
  • Result: 40% reduction in training time, 20% improvement in knowledge retention, and a 15% decrease in on-the-job errors

Expanded analysis of VR Training Modules

Implementation Process:

  1. Needs Analysis and Planning: PoC
  • XdooR conducted a thorough needs analysis, collaborating with Pharma Company AB to identify critical training requirements based on the current SOP.
  • Involved stakeholders: Production Managers, HR Managers, and Subject Matter Experts
  • Duration: 4 weeks - cost $5.000
  1. Content Development and Customization: Prototype
  • XdooR's team of XR experts and instructional designers created immersive, interactive, and engaging VR training modules
  • Modules focused on functions such as manufacturing process, quality control, safety protocols, and equipment handling
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  1. Pilot Program and Evaluation: MVP
  • A pilot program was launched, involving 10 production line employees across various functions
  • Trainees' performance, feedback, and knowledge retention were evaluated
  • Duration: 6 weeks 
  1. Full Implementation and Continuous Improvement:
  • Based on the pilot program's success, the VR training modules were implemented for 100 production line employees
  • XdooR continuously updated the content to reflect changes in processes, technologies, and industry best practices
  • Duration: 12 weeks for full implementation, with ongoing updates and improvements

Anecdote: Lessons Learned and Future Improvements

During the pilot program, XdooR discovered that some trainees experienced motion sickness while using the VR headsets. To address this issue, XdooR adjusted the VR settings, reducing the intensity of the motion and improving the user experience. Additionally, XdooR provided trainees with guidelines on how to adapt to the virtual environment more comfortably.

For future implementations, XdooR plans to:

  1. Conduct more extensive pre-assessment tests to identify individual preferences and potential discomforts related to VR usage
  2. Develop alternative training methods for those who may not be suitable for VR experiences, such as using AR or 360-degree videos
  3. Encourage regular breaks and provide a supportive environment for trainees to communicate their concerns and feedback during the training sessions

By learning from this experience and continuously refining its approach, XdooR aims to provide even more effective, personalized, and engaging VR training modules for its clients in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

The next steps:

  1. AR-Enabled Smart Glasses: (under development)
  • XdooR integrated AR technology into smart glasses for Pharma Company AB's production line workers
  • Employees gained access to real-time data and analytics, enabling better decision-making and problem-solving
  • Results (expected): 25% increase in overall productivity and a 10% reduction in equipment downtime
  1. MR Simulations for Equipment Maintenance: (under development)
  • XdooR provided MR simulations to assist Pharma Company AB's technicians in equipment maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Technicians could visualize complex machinery, access manuals, and receive remote support from experts
  • Results (expected): 35% reduction in equipment maintenance time and a 20% decrease in maintenance costs
  1. Remote Collaboration Tools for Supply Chain Optimization: (At a later stage)
  • XdooR's XR solutions facilitated real-time collaboration between Pharma Company AB's supply chain stakeholders
  • Improved communication and data sharing allowed for more effective decision-making and resource allocation
  • Results (expected): 15% improvement in supply chain efficiency and a 5% reduction in inventory carrying costs


XdooR's XR solutions transformed Pharma Company AB's production line management and supply chain optimization. The company experienced significant improvements in efficiency, cost savings, and productivity, positioning them as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

*This case exemplifies a real case of the application of XR technology to the Pharma business. For NDA reasons the exact name of the company or more in dept details that could help identify the client, have been omitted.


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