ShareCare YOU VR - The world's most advanced VR human anatomy atlas

Real-time simulation of the human body
Over a dozen organs to explore from all angles, both inside and out
Customize physiology and simulate disease
Informative labels and contextual information with voice-over pronunciation
Developed on Unity for VR, PC, Mac, and Ipad. A product originally created by BioLucid (see below).

Designed for Immersive Training

History of YOU

In 2014 as head of BioLucid, a company he founded in 2001, our co-founder/CEO, Jeff Hazelton envisioned the worlds most advanced VR atlas of the Human Body in a product they called YOU. He assembled a team of programmers and 3D artists to build the product, which was launched in early 2016 to much press and fanfare. Later YOU was sold, along with his VR company BioLucid, to the digital health company Sharecare, where they continue to build and advance the product.

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